Zarri S.r.l. is located 20 km north of Bologna (Italy).
Founded in 1973 by Angelo e Franca Zarri, it specializes in the MANUFACTURING of articles obtained from metallic wire in diameters that range from 3 to 28 mm, with larger diameters upon request, in any quality of steel, for machinery and plant manufacturers.
ZARRI employs 40 people on an area of 21,800 smq, of which 5,500 are covered. ZARRI supplies more than 4,000 customers (25% are exports).


Photovoltaic panelsfor a total of 190 kWp are installed on the roof of the manufacturing facility. They provide more than 50% of the electricity used by the company

What our customers say about us…

“Zarri is distinguished by precision, punctuality and courtesy.”

C. from the company C.M. (Italy) – Zarri customer since 1979

​“Zarri has been our trusted partner for many years and has always stood out for its quality, punctuality, and competitive prices”

C.B. from the company B. (Italy) – Zarri customer since 1977

“We are very satisfied with the level of services provided by your company”

S.D. from the company D. (Belgium) – Zarri customer since 2008

“Don’t change anything. We are completely satisfied with Zarri and hope to work together even more in the coming year”

O.S. from the company A. (France) – Zarri customer since 2012

“Thank YOU and everyone at Zarri for the fantastic partnership since we started working together! Contacting you is always a nice experience. We are not very accustomed to this type of relationship with other foreign suppliers. Aside from the fantastic quality and very competitive prices, we are very satisfied with your high quality standards and reliability”

F.T. from the company E.A. (Netherlands) – Zarri customer since 2011